Fractal Design Node 304 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅31-01-13
Thermal Performance Testing

Inside Node 304 there are three cooling fans. A 140mm rear exhaust and two 92mm intake fans. Though our case is quite unique in its design it still follows in traditional airflow methods. Airflow travels in from the front and out through the back.

To discover the thermal performance of Node 304 we will record idle temperatures after 20 minutes from a cold boot. I will then stress the system and temperatures will again be monitored after 30 minutes have elapsed.

For the purpose of accurate analysis the idle and load temperatures for CPU and motherboard will be recorded and the range between idle and load will be calculated to determine how efficient cooling is.

All fans will be connected to the fan controller and set to ‘high’.

NOTE: Ambient temperature is 20C

System Components
Motherboard ZOTAC ZOTAC E350-ITX WiFi
Graphics Integrated (AMD Radeon™ HD 6310)
Memory 4GB 1066MHz SODIMM DDR3
HDD Kingston HyperX 240GB


With the inclusion of three cooling fans it would be expected that noise levels could be quite noticeable but the noise emitted from Node 304 is barely noticeable, even with the fan controller set to high. Combine this case with an SSD, passively cooled system like ours and you have the ingredients for a very quiet system indeed.

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