Fractal Design Node 605 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-02-13
Packaging & Exterior

Node 605 is presented in an eco-friendly double reinforced cardboard box. A depiction of the case is found on both the front and back of the box, fundamental features are also listed and more technical details are on the sides of the box.

Packaging for Node 605

In true Scandinavian fashion, Node 605 has very sleek characteristics and has a professional visual appearance. The front panel (seen below) is aluminium and has a lovely brushed aluminium texture to it, accompanied by the Fractal Design logo and power button in the right-hand corner.

The front panel connectivity is accessible by flipping the cover down at the bottom of the front panel. Available here is a firewire port, headphone/microphone jacks, dual USB 3.0 ports (via internal motherboard header) and a handy card reader which has support for standard SD, micro SD and compact flash. Fractal Design have also included a slim optical drive cover should you want to include a drive.

Sleek, sophisticated and professional visual appearance

Front panel connectivity for Node 605

Observing the back of Node 605 there are dual 80mm cooling fan mounts with perforated mesh. The idea with this case is that it sits in a horizontal manner making it a HTPC design and similar to that of a desktop. The rear IO section of the motherboard appears beneath these fan mounts and there are seven white PCI expansion slot covers. On the far right there is an opening for the PSU to be mounted.

The rear of Node 605

On either side of Node 605 there are dual 120mm placements, there is a pre-installed 120mm cooling fan found on either side with the one side having only a filter since the PSU will reside in its position. Fractal Design have incorporated a three-speed fan controller with Node 605, the switch for this is found on the right side.

The side of Node 605 with three-speed fan controller switch

Finally, the underside of Node 605 has its serial number badge along with four rubber feet to help prevent any slippage on smooth surfaces. The feet at the front of the chassis are larger compared to the other two at the back but nevertheless the case stands solid. From an initial look at Node 605, the quality of construction, materials used are all very good indeed.

The underside of Node 605

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