Fractal Design Node 605 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-02-13

Unlike a standard computer chassis which has at least two removable panels, Node 605 has only a single removable panel which covers the top. This panel is quite substantial in its thickness and has a layer of noise damping material to further assist with noise reduction from the system.

Node 605 has an interesting layout, upon first glance you would presume this chassis can accommodate just M-ATX, but you would be wrong. Node 605 can house full ATX motherboards, though clearance for graphics cards will need to be considered. Futhermore, full-sized PSUs can also be installed within this chassis, due to the mounting orientation for the PSU the cables and modular panel conveniently face the white HDD brackets and route behind giving an adequate cover.

An overview of the internal layout

Fractal Design have equipped Node 605 with two Silent Series R2 cooling fans, 1x 120mm fan is positioned in one of the two slots meaning it will sit in line with memory. It would probably be more effective if it was positioned as an exhaust rather than an intake since the cooling fan on the other side of the case is also an intake. The fan controller and power button PCB can be found to the immediate right of this fan. Both cooling fan spots have removable air filters.

Over on the other side resides the dual HDD brackets which have been powder coated white. The Fractal Design insignia is engraved over the top section of these brackets. Each bracket can accommodate two 2.5 or 3.5 drives, well explore the installation within the next section of the review. Both brackets can be removed, throughout the installation it may be necessary to remove one or both in order to squeeze hardware in. Behind these brackets is another 120mm intake fan with a mesh cover to protect the blades from colliding with cables from the PSU. Again, its strange that both cooling fans have been given the intake orientation rather than a push/pull.

Dual cooling slots with pre-installed 120mm intake fan

HDD storage brackets with pre-installed 120mm intake fan

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