Fractal Design Node 605 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-02-13

Taking on the HTPC territory which is currently dominated by big names such as SilverStone and Lian Li is a bold move for Fractal Design but they have done a great job for their first attempt.

There is a good reason why there is a contingent of individuals who favour Fractal Design’s styling. Their Scandinavian influence is seen through the product range and none more so than in Node 605. Its outer appearance oozes style and finesse, making it the perfect accompaniment for the home entertainment system which is now common in most households. The minimalist design with brushed aluminium front panel will be appreciated by any discerning eye, delving inside and under the cover also reveals great build quality and layout.

Although Node 605 can accommodate the ATX form factor things could get quite tight, especially if you are wanting to use all of the HDD brackets and a graphics card too but as we have demonstrated in this review, using a M-ATX system gives you more space and depending on the specification, can still satisfy those who are power hungry.

Out of all aspects of system building, HTPC users are generally more concerned by noise than anything else and Node 605 certainly has this covered. Its top panel is not only reasonably thick but it has also been furnished with a large noise damping sheet to further assist with noise reduction. It doesn’t end there either, Fractal Design have equipped this chassis with a handy three-speed fan controller to allow the noise of the fans to be managed.

Costing £130, Node 605 is an aspiring HTPC case that could find itself battling with quite a few rivals at a similar price-point. This case does have a lot to offer though and in its favour is quite a strong feature-set.

Node 605 is a great accomplishment by Fractal Design. It shows a good level of dexterity and is an ambitious attempt at joining the HTPC market.

+ Desirable to behold
+ Great build quality
+ Low noise fans
+ Card reader
+ Noise damping included
+ Can accommodate full size PSUs, graphics cards

- Fans positioned as intakes
- Installation can take longer than expected due to tightness

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