Fractal Design Vector RS Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅23-09-19

Itíll come as no surprise that Vector RS isnít for everyone. Itís sheer size, feature-set and price-tag all indicate that weíre dealing with a high-end computer chassis.

Externally the design blends together a good balance of elegance while gently adding in some RGB lighting. Itís subtle, but effective. The ability to adjust the colours and animation effects using the R1 Adjust Controller is a brilliant idea!

Even though weíre dealing with a high-end enclosure, the standard of the build quality still blew us away. Construction is top-class and does not compromise on any level whatsoever. It isnít just the chassis which benefits from solid production, HDD trays and elements like the solid side panel have a layer of high-quality noise reduction material and the panel itself features a push-to-lock mechanism to attach to the chassis without the need for screws.

Within Vector RS there is a spacious interior which can easily entertain a multitude of high-performance kit, including multiple radiators should you want to go down the water cooling route.

Admittedly the cooling on Vector RS isnít spectacular but that is partly due to the design of the front panel. Despite being modified to allow intake, it still struggles to compete with an open/ventilated fascia which is understandable. However, on the flipside of this Ė low-noise is a particular forte of Vector RSí. The thick panels and low-noise materials all contribute to keeping noise leakage right down.

The price-tag for this case will exceed most budgets Ė coming in at GBP: £170 USD: $180. This is a spacious chassis, with features which could be deemed overkill for many. If you are in the market for a feature-packed enclosure that ticks most of the boxes then you canít go far wrong with this.

A fresh series joins Fractalís portfolio and we rather like it. Armed with exceptional build quality and oodles of features Ė the new Vector RS sure does tickle our fancy!

+ Appealing design
+ Excellent build quality
+ Top panel has fully interchangeable parts
+ Innovative filters
+ Good storage options
+ Cable management is easy
+ Includes RGB controller
+ Includes a PWM fan hub
+ Can house high-end kit
+ Fits different sized radiators

- Big price-tag
- Cooling performance isnít great

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