Func MS-3 Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅28-02-13

Product On Review: MS-3 Gaming Mouse
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Func
Street Price: £59.99 inc. V.A.T.

Enthusiasts and newcomers alike may be new to the Func brand, but it would be a mistake to assume that they are new to the marketplace. Established in 1999, the Californian company have cut their teeth on mousing surfaces to some considerable success, and recently revamped their line with the Func Surface 1030XL. We reviewed the new Surface, a dual-sided mousemat designed for both Teflon and Ceramic-booted mice, and found it to be an interesting design which is perhaps a little ahead of its time given the relative rarity of mice with ceramic feet (or others with similar properties vs. traditional Teflon).

About Func

We redefined the gaming experience. It's time to make history once again.

Func will once again redefine the gaming experience with cutting edge products to make history for a second time. In 2012, Func decided it was time to revamp the look and feel of the brand and give it a fresh image. But bringing Func back to you is so much more than cosmetic changes, it’s about enhancing your gaming experience in a more meaningful way. We want to make a difference in performance, just like we did back in the day, and we want to do it in an honest and trustworthy way.

What looks simple and obvious to the untrained eye is, to us, a complex challenge. The term “ergonomics” is very commonly used today. Did you know that we spent more than 100 hours studying the human hand and how the mouse body can be improved? Not to mention the hours spent on testing the perfect placement of the buttons. Did you know that we have tested more than 200 different surface materials in search of the perfect tracking conditions?

There are no shortcuts in this business and functionality kicks in where simplicity doesn’t make any sense. We believe that your performance (besides your personal skills and training) can only be enhanced by the usability of the functions and not simply by a bunch of fancy gimmicks marketed as revolutionary product development. They make you buy it but it doesn’t give you any advantage at all.

Departing from their comfort zone, Func are now entering the hardware market with the MS-3, their first mouse which has been designed primarily for gaming. Ten independent assignable buttons and three profiles with 512KB of onboard memory place it above the curve in functionality offerings for the user, whilst the 5670DPI laser sensor should keep your cursor on the straight and narrow. Throughout, OMRON switch technology will keep button presses consistent and reliable long into the mouse's lifetime.

About The MS-3

Made with the solely purpose of creating an advantage over your opponents, Func MS-3 sticks out from the rest with its unique, performance driven line-up of interesting features. The unprecedented possibilities of customization and extensive macro settings allow it to fit any game style. The ergonomic design is the result of many development hours and studies of the human hand in order to give you the solid grip that never takes your eyes of the screen. All buttons are carefully been placed to minimize the reaction time. Ladies and gentlemen, this is advantage. Perfected.

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