Func Surface 1030 XL Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅14-11-12
Packaging And First Look

If Func want to make a good first impression, they certainly went the right way about it. This is no cheap and disposable cardboard container - you're treated to a robust presentation box more befitting a high-end peripheral than mousing surface. The manufacturers obviously want to impress the high-end nature of the Surface 1030 on us, unsurprisingly. It appears that both L and XL variants are packaged in the same box, so take care to ensure you've picked up the correct one.

The rear of the packaging provides both a pictorial and written overview of the Surface, including technical specifications such as dimensions. Once again it's clear and laid out in an uncluttered fashion, rather than used as a means of selling other products in the Func stable.

How's that for a first look? The Surface 1030 XL is placed in its own recessed foam back and secured by a foam inlay, ensuring that it won't be damaged in transit and that it will experience a minimum of movement during shipping. The design of the pad, with popout mousing surface, makes this pretty important.

The booklet insert repeats many of the tech specs from the outside, whilst also providing some elementary cleaning instructions.

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