Func Surface 1030 XL Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅14-11-12

First impressions of the Func Surface 1030XL were great, from its deluxe packaging to high quality smooth mousing surface you felt that it was something special. However we can't simply review based on first impressions, that certainly won't be fair to other products we have coming through our labs.

By it's own admission, the Surface 1030XL isn't strictly innovative. The concept was previously broached in 2005 with their own Surface 1030 Archetype; at best it's an evolution of that 'dual-side & frame' concept. It is however new to us, and perhaps some of you too. So how does it come off?

The additional technical complications certainly add versatility without diminishing performance. Just being able to easily clean a mouse mat is a boon in itself - they can certainly become grotty quickly, with cloth types in particular being notoriously difficult to deal with.

Where the 1030XL falls down is in little areas. The frame isn't as rigid or flat as it could be, perhaps down to the choice of plastic as the base material. The 1030XL can slide in its frame, horizontally at least. It's not the most comfortable of mats to use. Each of these factors detract a little from what should be a high quality, satisfying product, and perhaps the promise in the presentation highlights these failings.

As a mousemat the Func Surface 1030 XL is good, but the result didn't live our first impressions; its innate design flexibility also leads to weaknesses which detract from the overall package. Worthy of consideration if you're picking up a mouse with ceramic casters, or prefer a less cushioned mat, but overall it's a niche product for a select few. The Surface 1030 XL attains a creditable Bronze and our Creative Award for the variety of rare features.


+ Size
+ Easy to clean
+ Choice of surface texture


- Build quality

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