G.SKILL Flare X DDR4 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅27-08-17
G.SKILL's Flare X memory modules have an interesting, aggressive aesthetic that will look great in any system. Once you have them installed, and enabled the XMP, you get the reassurance that you will get decent frequencies and tight timings that have been specifically created to work the AMD Ryzen CPUs. In our tests we found that the 3200MHz CL14 Flare X kit provided highly competitive performance across the board, helping to truly get the best out of a Ryzen CPU. Combined with the overclock headroom we discovered this kit allowed, we were able to find the upper limit to our performance

Some may note that the cost of the Flare X modules do not appear to the best value, especially when compared to competing memory modules. However, some may consider that the out-the-box stability for Ryzen, along with the overclock headroom (thanks to the cherry picked ICs) will be worth it. This level of performance observed with the 3200MHz CL14 Flare X kit will attract the performance enthusiasts and overclockers that are looking to get the absolute best from their system, or if you are a gamer, you may be chasing those few bonus frames per second. Either way, this is a fantastic memory kit that should seriously be considered if you are planning on moving to an AMD Ryzen based PC.

With huge overclock potential, and tight timings, the 3200MHz Flare X kit delivers on its promise to get the best out of the AMD Ryzen CPUs.

+ Uses JEDEC 2400MHz Standard
+ Aggressively timed XMP
+ Attractive, low heatsink design
+ Specifically designed for AMD Ryzen
+ Available in various frequencies/capacities (including Quad-Channel kits for ThreadRipper)
+ Overclocks very well
+ Lifetime Warranty

- Price

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