G.SKILL Flare X DDR4 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅27-08-17

As expected, we managed to reach the maximum frequency of our 1800Xs IMC which was 3466MHz (as discovered with our previous outing with the Team Dark Pro 8 Pack). If you are lucky with your CPU, you may be able to reach memory frequencies well beyond this (as with the Ryzen 3 1300X which reached 3722MHz). Interestingly however, we discovered that the G.SKILL Flare X was about to sit at CL12 up to 2933MHz, and was able to stay at the super tight CL14 all the way up to 3466MHz. All our overclocking attempts were done at the recommended voltage of 1.35V. The 3200MHz CL14 rated model also features JEDEC 2400MHz standard, and despite the SPD stating JEDEC 2400MHz CL 17, when we booted in at default settings, it loaded in at 2400MHz CL15. This could be due to the motherboard or the memory, either way its a nice baseline performance out the box with no adjustments.

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