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Let us reiterate that price. £60. That’s half the usual price for a keyboard featuring Cherry MX switches and RGB backlighting. That is a seriously substantial saving, allowing you to purchase an awesome gaming mouse with the change. We’re genuinely blown away by the value of the KM570.

The MK570 offers a choice of four different Cherry MX switches; this kind of choice is usually reserved for the higher tiers of keyboard, another plus point for the G.SKILL. Gaming, as well as typing, were both enjoyable experiences on the MX Brown switches with speedy response times from the 1000Hz polling rate paired with the mechanical key switches.

The RGB backlighting isn’t the brightest we’ve seen but it produces all of the colours you need and the effects are smooth. Besides, this keyboard lands at £60, which we might have already mentioned, so we can let it off with a little leeway.

Even without the RGB backlighting switched on, the classic design of the RIPJAWS KM570 would suit almost any desktop.

To bring some balance to the review, we feel it’s worth mentioning that the lack of dedicated Macro keys somewhat hurts the appeal to avid gamers, and a wrist rest wouldn’t be a bad thing, but those would likely bump up the price.

Taking into account the savings that can be had, with almost no trade-offs, the KM570 from G.SKILL offers unbeatable value for money.

+ Classic, simple design
+ Looks great
+ Per-key RGB backlighting
+ Full N-Key Rollover
+ Dedicated volume keys
+ Braided cable
+ Cherry MX switches in 4 different colours

+- No dedicated macro keys
+- No wrist rest

- None

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