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As debuts go, G.SKILL had a big vision and have created a solid mouse packed with the many features gamers will love. You can adjust the weight, the height of the rear, the side grips and lighting effects. The metal frame houses tried and tested, good quality technology from the Avago sensor to the Omron switches.

However, when you look at it more objectively, the MX780 loses sight of what the contemporary gamer is truly looking for in a mouse. The aesthetic is interesting and will draw some appeal from its marginalised outlandish design. This isn't such an original thing though when you consider the Cyborg RATs, or the Cougar 700M. The swappable grips are a great idea, and swappable magnetic grips aren't likely to go away any time soon. Even so, considering the ambidextrous nature of the MX780, the grips could have been more considerate towards actual ergonomics of the left and right hand. While this mouse isn't necessarily bad for any grip type, those that grip with a claw may not find it so comfortable, while palm grippers will appreciate the smooth, good quality finish and finger tippers will appreciate the low centre of mass allowing for good control and precise sliding action.

The biggest killer we experienced was the forwards/backwards rock created by an uneven base/slip pad thickness. Due to the front end rising slightly, in-game confidence and precision could be severely damaged. This is not an issue that will effect everyone and the flaws discovered may even be a localised event. However, at this price point (can be found for <$55 now), when something as simple as the base of the mouse is not flat, all those high quality components and materials used amount to nothing.

In conclusion, the RIPJAWS MX780 feels like it is trying to be TOO much, lacking in finesse and simplicity found in the likes of the Rival 100 that have the sole aim of providing gamers with solid reliability. As it is, the RIPJAWS MX780 at its very core is the essence of an excellent gaming mouse to which many people will likely be able to tap in and utilise it to a deadly degree, but makes me wonder if they thought about bringing in some pro-gamers for some direct feedback at the design phase.

We are excited to see the G.SKILL brand on top quality gaming gear and the RIPJAWS MX780 foretells of great things to come.

+ Solid construction
+ Good quality components
+ Includes swappable side grips
+ Adjustable weight and height
+ Aggressive gamer design
+ Ambidextrous
+ RGB lighting

- Unstable base
- Not great for claw grip
- Temperamental software
- Questionable mouse wheel integrity

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