G.Skill RipjawsX Sandy Bridge F3-12800 CL7 1600MHz Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅02-02-11
Closer Look

The RipjawsX come in a plastic casing that gives you a sneak preview of the DIMMs. The blue is certainly an eye-catcher. The finer details are listed on the packaging but realistically, all that is needed are the CAS timings, frequency, capacity and voltage. There aren't a great deal of features to list. Thankfully the packaging doesn't require you to split or cut the packaging with a knife which is a pet hate of mine. The packaging unclips and unfolds to allow you access to the DIMMs.

RipjawsX packaging - what you would expect from a memory kit

The DIMMs hold a aluminium heatsink that retains the likeness of the original Ripjaws design. There are subtle differences with the fins/teeth though. The DIMMs measure exactly 4cm or just over 1 inches which measures out at an extension of only 1cm over the modules themselves so you should have little to no problems with CPU cooler compatibility.

Great looking heatsink - DIMMs stand 4cm tall in height

As always, we have the label on each stick to indicate the product code, rated frequency, capacity, CAS timings, voltage and serial number. The kit that I have for review today will go brilliantly with the motherboard on our test bench - ASUS P8P67. It's almost as though this particular kit is designed with the P8P67 range in mind, co-ordination is spot on. There are 3 different colours to choose from incidentally in the RipjawsX range. Blue, red and black - each having their own frequencies, timings and voltages.

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