👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅02-07-17
Closer Look

Suspension style headbands tend to be very comfortable. Here, GAMDIAS have used a PU leather coated strip of foam/reinforcement.

The cable is tracked through the headband rather than the frame, so the cable is seen leaving the earcup and entering the headband via some integrated channels in the plastic fittings. There is a length of cable sticking out of the side, which acts as the required slack for when the headband is stretched out.

The earcups are distinctly different to that displayed in the rendered images of the headset, instead they are a thick cushion coated with PU leather, that has an oval shaped ear-hole cut out in it. This design is similar to that we have viewed previously on the Hephaestus, and the ROCCAT Kave headsets. The downside we discovered is that they earpads are not removable.

The earcups are huge, housing the vibration units, the 50mm speaker drivers, as well as the RGB lighting. Though, another thing we noted is that they are fixed in their positioning. They do not rock, swivel, fold, tilt, or move in anyway other than that afforded by the flexibility of the metal frame.

The unidirectional microphone is thick, and features the plastic coated cord, similar to that on the main cable. It extends about 60mm outwards but doesn't quite fully retract, but as this is a USB gaming headset, it will not be a problem.

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