👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅02-07-17
GAMDIAS have made a fairly safe bet with the HEBE M1 RGB. It delivers on all the fundamentals of a good headset, providing high quality audio, long lasting comfort and a clear microphone. The design of the headset itself, other than its large size, is attractive, and the RGB lighting helps it stand out more.

There are some minor down sides with the HEBE M1 RGB headset, including the lack of customisable lighting, the awkward in-line remote. Our primary reservation would be the effect of the fix, non-adjustable earcups, and how they would effect different peoples headsizes.

Aside from those points above, the HEBE M1 RGB is a well rounded gaming headset at a fairly reasonable price. Though, we can't not overlook the fact that it is up against some very tough competition, it doesn't have the versatility of some others, nor does it particularly excel in regards to audio quality. Though, its vibration feature could very well capture the attention of some gamers looking for a something different. Despite our reservations regarding how long/well the vibration feature will remain trouble free, it can certainly add an exciting element to your gaming experience.

If you want more from your dedicated gaming headset, the GAMDIAS HEBE M1 RGB can deliver powerful vibrations that add an extra dimension to immersive gaming.

+ Solid build quality
+ Comfortable
+ Enjoyable audio
+ Attractive LED lighting
+ Immersive, powerful vibrations
+ Retractable microphone

+- v7.1 surround could be better
+- No LED customisation
+- Large, awkward remote

- Earcups aren't adjustable

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