👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅13-08-14

The HEPHAESTUS has some strong positives and stands out while doing it. The design may seem large and bulky but it remains classy and lightweight with good quality construction shining through. They are comfortable and take an original approach to cooling your ears for those long hours of gaming. USB headsets certainly have their perks for those who do not use a discrete soundcard or DAC, allowing for improved sound quality over the majority of integrated audio processors, this provides decent music and media playback that will add value to this product. Also, due to the USB power, the lighting does make this headset look fairly badass.

The vibration function was certainly interesting and at times felt well implemented, though at the cost of interfering with the audio. It would become understandable if gamers start desiring technology such as the Blast Source Indicator to improve their spatial awareness beyond just virtual surround sound. This again is another display of originality within the GAMDIAS HEPHAESTUS, though as it stands, the vibration seems to introduce just as many flaws as it does benefits which may indicate the need for a little more refining. In consideration to the competition, one could criticise that is falls behind the pack at this price point, with many gaming headsets now opting to use 50mm drivers which usually (not always) allows for a more dynamic sound and improved bass. We are also stuck with a hard lined cable, so no modularity or removable microphone which is a shame.

Overall the HEPHAESTUS certainly has its appeal, allowing it to stand proud with its interesting design, comfort, and performance. For these given reasons we happily present our Vortez Silver award alongside our Creative award in recognition to the innovative and original design.

The GAMDIAS HEPHAESTUS brings some highly creative innovations to gaming headset design that is worth recognising, even by the Gods.

+ Balanced audio
+ USB, Easy setup and virtual 7.1 surround
+ Attractive aesthetic
+ Comfortable
+ Unique cooling heatsinks

+- Vibration/ Blast Source Indicator

- Non modular
- Microphone picks up a lot of Background noise
- Tough competition

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Thanks to GAMDIAS for providing today’s review sample.

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