GAMDIAS Zeus P1 RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅10-07-17

Product on Review: GAMDIAS Zeus P1 RGB
Manufacturer: GAMDIAS
Street Price: £59.99 / $59.99

GAMDIAS base all of their products around Greek Mythology, naming each device after a Greek God, so their latest mouse, the Zeus P1 RGB, should promise to be their flagship model; with Zeus being the King of the Gods of Mount Olympus.

The GAMDIAS Zeus P1 RGB offers a 12,000 DPI optical sensor, 1000Hz polling rate, twin-zone RGB lighting and an ergonomic design.

The Zeus P1 RGB certainly talks the talk, let’s move on to the review and see if it can walk the walk.

GAMDIAS on the Zeus P1 RGB:
16.8 million double level RGB customizable streaming lighting design makes ZEUS P1 the most unique gaming mice! With eSports and LAN competitions becoming the norm, you’ll need a way to stand out. Two RGB light streams outline the Zeus P1 and give off a spectacular display in low lit rooms.

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