Gamer Storm Lucifer Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-11-13

So we’ve reached the end of the review and it’s time to deliver the verdict. What do we think of Lucifer?

Lucifer is vast – its physical dimensions mean a majority of the motherboard will be covered up. Regardless of whether this is a good or bad thing, we’re pleased that the aesthetics on the heatsink are very good. GamerStorm have taken care with both the build quality and visual appearance on this product and this spans even so far as the mounting kit too. We found the mounting kit to be easy to use and it ensures a robust and reliable solution for attaching to the motherboard.

On the performance front, Lucifer did an admirable job cooling our Intel Core i7-3930K but it did fall behind slightly when a significant overclock was applied. Detaching the fan and using the heatsink passively – just as GamerStorm intend Lucifer to be used, gave reasonable results but we have to admit, expected better results.

Although Lucifer is currently unavailable in UK/EU we have spoken to GamerStorm and have been told Lucifer will be available to buy very soon at a cost of around £35 / 40 EUR / $60 USD. At this price, this CPU cooler is positioned very competitively and the end user can enjoy a great value for money offering.

Lucifer is a juggernaut of a CPU cooler which utilises great build quality and a robust mounting system. Stock results are encouraging but you might want to add an additional fan if you are intending to overclock.

+ Nice aesthetics
+ Low-noise cooling fan
+ Reliable and easy to use mounting kit
+ Great build quality
+ Very affordable

- Passive/Overclock results aren’t great
- Almost 170mm in height with fan attached

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