Gamer Storm Lucifer Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-11-13
Closer Look

Unveiling the Lucifer cooler from the packaging we are greeted by a burly heatsink. If any word characterises this product, it has to be ‘substantial’. The overall dimensions are 140X110X163mm and Lucifer will weigh1079g with the fan attached to the heatsink.

GamerStorm have given Lucifer a symmetrical design but the top and tail sides are vastly different, following an alternate contour/shape. The fins are aluminium and follow a condensed layout.

Lucifer is a monolith of a cooler

The profile of Lucifer

From an aerial viewpoint we can see that Lucifer adopts a six heatpipe design. These heatpipes are actually 6mm in thickness and all pass through the copper baseplate at the bottom of the cooler.

This baseplate is polished to have a mirror finish and has no indentations.

The top of Lucifer

Copper baseplate with mirror finish

GamerStorm provide four fan clips to assist with attaching 140mm cooling fans to the heatsink. These clips can be tricky to use due to the fitment being awkward. The fan clip can only fit a certain way and slots directly into a channel which has been specifically provided. We recommend fitting the fan to the cooler prior to the motherboard being placed into the computer chassis.

Fan clip for attaching 140mm cooling fan

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