Gaming Mice: Grips, Behaviour & Motion Explained

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅09-12-16

Mice are a very personal thing, it is your hand in the 2D digital realm. As VR, AR and holograms are rapidly developing, it won't be much longer before the ultimate 3D navigation tool is perfected. Until then, the mouse is going to be your best friend for navigating the digital world. Understanding your grip type along with the type of mouse you have and the motion it is subjected to, you can get a greater appreciation of how complex they are and how smart the people that make and design them are, or aren't. Using this information, we hope that you are now in a better position to optimise your performance. Just remember, the best grip is the one you are most comfortable with. As to the best mouse, that is another matter.

As of late 2016, we have had a look at many fantastic mice and we have many more to come. Sure we have some personal favourites, but the most surprising this year (at the time of writing) has to be the XM300 from GIGABYTE. It's shape is suitable for all grip types, its performance is flawless and it is fairly cheap too. For the majority of people, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, and for those looking, it should act as a point of reference for value. So make sure it is in your shortlist.

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