GELID GC-Extreme Thermal Paste Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅12-07-09
Product on Review: Gelid GC-Extreme Thermal Paste
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Gelid Solutions
MSRP: USD 9.99 / Euro 6.99
Street Price: N/A at date of writing

GELID is a company that was founded only a year ago but amongst the array of companies out there, it has managed to build up a reputable name for itself in the cooling department, a successful feat in itself. With their latest thermal compound offering, they are hoping to dethrone the market leaders such as Arctic Cooling and Tuniq to become a household name amongst enthusiasts. Can GELID's GC-Extreme really live up to its name? Let's find out.

Firstly a few words on GELID as found on their website:
GELID Solutions

The English word "gelid" is derived from the Latin word “gelidus” (extremely cold, icy).

GELID Solutions Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company with Swiss Management and founded in 2008 by Gebhard SCHERRER and VC TRAN. Both have worked in the PC Cooling industry for a number of years and successfully built up an IT company with their expertise.

GELID designs and manufactures thermal solutions, CPU coolers, fans, and other computer hardware for both gamers and silent enthusiasts. We provide computer hardware distributors, retailers and system integrators with innovative, virtually silent, high- performance and top quality thermal solutions.

Quality and innovation are key. And, being Swiss, we leave nothing to chance. That's why we provide a total solution – from bearings to thermal compound, from design to shipping, from the moulding of the fan to the print on the box – with state-of-the-art machines and experienced staff.

Our Vision:
Combine quality and ingenuity to set the standard in creating best- in- class products for global computer enthusiasts.

As their latest venture, GELID Solutions Ltd. is a privately owned limited liability company with a registered share capital of HKD 1’000’000. Strategically based in Hong Kong, “Asia’s World City”, it enjoys an unrivalled location at the geographical and economic centre of Asia. For our customers, this means easy and quick access to our vast manufacturing base in mainland China.

GELID's main focus has been on providing high performance but silent cooling products, an enthusiast's Nirvana!

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