GIGABYTE AERO 15 Classic-XA Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-05-19

This is the first Intel 9th Generation laptop that we’ve had the pleasure of taking a look at and actually the first laptop which combines a nex-gen CPU, next-gen GPU and 240Hz display and we have to say the results are impressive.

As can be expected, combining the might of Intel Coffee Lake and NVIDIA Turing delivers solid all-round performance. AERO 15 has no qualms about offering reliable 3D performance in the latest triple-a gaming titles nor does it shy away from contributing to improve content creation workflows.

The Max-Q Design lends itself to providing us with a thin and lightweight machine that is able to be transported to different locations with ease but there are unfortunately some caveats – high temperatures. In our tests with the cooling system set to the default of “auto” we found the CPU rose beyond 90C when fully loaded and similarly the GPU shifted up to the mid-80s. The temperatures will improve with the fan speeds set to maximum, in fact the CPU barely alters but the GPU receives a 10C temperature adjustment. We have to wonder whether adding in more than two heatpipes would improve this and whether sustained periods of time with the CPU at such high-temperatures will affect longevity/lifespan.

At a cost of £2300 GBP / $2500 USD / $3500 AUD, the AERO 15 enters high-end territory and for this price we expect a secondary drive, rivals are offering it at the same price-range.

The AERO 15 Classic-XA is ideal for content creators and gamers who need a powerful laptop with specialist tools at their disposal.

+ Simple design
+ Conforms to Max-Q Design
+ RGB Backlit keyboard
+ SHARP IGZO 240Hz display
+ X-Rite Pantone certified
+ Great overall performance
+ Offers Thunderbolt 3
+ UHS-II SD slot reader included

- Expensive
- CPU temperatures soar above 90C
- Lacks secondary storage drive
- Could do with more USB 3.1

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