GIGABYTE AORUS GA-AX370-Gaming 5 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅19-03-17
Packaging, Bundle & First Look

Carrying itself as a brand, AORUS takes centre stage on a sleek, high quality box, with the model number and features listed at the bottom.

The reverse side crams in a wall of feature overviews along with its specifications listed on the bottom left.

Included with the motherboard you will find the manual, 4x SATA cables, 'G-Connector' for easy front panel header connection. driver disc, case badge, rear IO plate, two-way SLI bridge, 2x termistors, RGBW LED header extension, and a selection of cable identification sticky labels. Unfortunately there is no blank 'Accent LED' acrylic strip included, but that isn't a huge issue as acrylic is super cheap, and there are places around that can do custom engraving that is relatively affordable too, however there seems to be a lack of direct support for this feature from GIGABYTE right now, so those looking to take full advantage of this feature will need a little know how, though considering the Accent LED strip is seated behind a chunky 24pin ATX power cable, some may feel it may not entirely be worth the hassle.

The AX370-Gaming 5 motherboard is well laid out, and features a triple space between the PCIe 16x and 8x lanes for two-way SLI or CrossFire. There is a large white plastic armour/cooling/shield that covers the rear IO and the audio circuitry, giving a more dramatic design aesthetic.

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