AORUS X5 V7 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅18-08-17
At the heart of the AORUS X5 V7 sits the unbelievably powerful Core i7-7820HK, an overclockable 8 thread CPU capable of pushing huge numbers within our benchmarks.

The GTX1070, working alongside the Intel CPU manages some respectable frame rates within our testing, hitting close to 60FPS average at 3840 x 2160 is no easy challenge for a desktop PC, never mind a laptop measuring in at less than 1 inch thick. Some games would require a small drop in image quality to achieve a solid 60FPS though itís not entirely necessary thanks to that beautiful NVIDIA GeForce G-Sync display helping to smooth everything out.

The backlit keyboard is beautiful, using GIGABYTE AORUS own software to control every aspect of it, with a whole host of effects and, of course, the entire 16.8M colour range. The keys felt great while typing and gaming was a breeze with selectively backlit keys.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the trackpad which isnít good enough for a laptop of this expense. Itís understood that most people will use such a system with a separate mouse of their choosing, but the trackpad is still required and should perform well enough. Often we found it was too twitchy to find small option boxes or scroll bars. The trackpad does feature multi-touch gestures to help speed up your workload.

The M.2 drive provides rapid boot times; if you choose to install your favourite games on there, you can guarantee youíll be first into the lobby. The 1TB 7200RPM HDD works as a huge bank within which you can hold tens of AAA title games or thousands of music files, photographs etc.

All in, the AORUS X5 V7 is fantastic, offering acceptable to good frame rates, huge CPU power on demand, plenty of fast DDR4 RAM for multitasking and that 4K screen to make everything possible.

Ebuyer are currently offering the AORUS X5 V7 for £2299.97.

AORUS have put together an excellent workhorse thatís also able to play the latest AAA titles without much trouble; the 4K screen is beautiful and the keyboard is a joy to type on; shame about the price though.

+ Solid build quality
+ RGB backlit keyboard
+ UHD G-Sync display
+ Understated yet beautiful chassis
+ Blazing performance
+ Plenty of high-speed connectivity
+ Ample storage capacity

+- Average battery life

- Price
- Poor trackpad

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