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Product on Review: Gigabyte F2A85XM-HD3
Manufacturer: Gigabyte
Street Price: £58.50 (at time of review)

With a huge range of motherboards to choose from in todays market, there is something for everyone. Once you have decided on your socket then it’s time to pick a brand, but who do you choose from? Well there are a couple of big names that spring to mind but one of the major brands that usually come in the top 3 of peoples lists is GIGABYTE.

Synonymous with quality, GIGABYTE were founded in 1986, and by today’s standards are considered one of the biggest brands on the planet in terms of computing. With a huge range of products stretching from graphics cards all the way to peripherals such as gaming keyboards and mice, their biggest piece of the pie so too speak is their selection of motherboards. Between Intel and AMD, GIGABYTE has a huge range on both sides of the fence. Available in pretty much all form factors, there is something for everybody.

Today we will be taking a look at one from the AMD side, the GIGABYTE F2A85XM-HD3, which is based on the A85x chipset and on the FM2 socket.

GIGABYTE on their FM2 series motherboards

The latest GIGABYTE FM2 series motherboards bring to life the improved performance and feature set of the latest AMD FM2 socket APUs. Packing the latest A85X chipset and supporting the new AMD A10 APUs, GIGABYTE FM2 series motherboards deliver an enhanced visual experience that includes triple digital display support with AMD Eyefinity and impressive DX11® 3D gaming.

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