GIGABYTE Force H3X Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅31-10-14
Packaging & Accessories

Force H3X Packaging

At the front there is a large cut away from the box to show the item off itself with some aggressive 'Gamer' lingo accompanying the name of the product.

Rear side details some features

At the back the Force H3X gets detailed with an easy to understand diagram pointing out each of the features.

Included items

On the inside we get a nice carry pouch with a logo those familiar with GIGABYTEs products will recognise and a microfibre cloth.

In-line remote

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that not everyone has the luxury of various desktop controls for volume on the fly, regardless an inline remote will be useful to many people, even if only to mute the microphone.

Tangle free ribbon cable

2 metres of nice tangle free cable with 2x 3.5mm jacks on the end for headphone and microphone.

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