GIGABYTE Force H3X Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅31-10-14

Jumping into this price range for a gaming headset is a little like a piglet jumping into a meat grinder, though it seems GIGABYTE have done their research and the Force H3X has more to it than meets the eye. The aggressive angular design is balanced by the slick polished metal side panels that really allow it to stand out. The comfort is great, perfectly adequate for long gaming sessions while the sound quality is up there with the best. Rich, silky smooth bass, pronounced mids and crystal highs that will please music lovers, gamers and movie enthusiasts. People, particularly gamers on the go may also enjoy the portability of this headset as it is foldable and fits neatly into the carry bag provided.

Some aspects of the Force H3X to consider would be that is doesn't offer any modularity, while, this isn't the standard, there are benefits to having a modular headset in regards to the longevity and robustness of a product. The microphone, too, seems to lack a little refinement, its extraction and retraction can be a little fiddly while the length stops a little short of the mouth. Generally though, these are oversights considering that GIGABYTE have nailed the basics of a good headset. The main concern is, 'is it good enough' when considering the market competition? Our verdict would be that the GIGABYTE Force H3X is a H3X3LL3NT alternative to the likes of the Steelseries Siberia and the ASUS Echelon, highly recommended.

The GIGABYTE Force H3X offers comfort and style along with an impeccably good audio experience, this one gets our Gold.

+ 50mm drivers
+ Aggressive 'Gamer' aesthetic
+ Rich and precise bass
+ Clear, balanced audio
+ Foldable + carry case
+ Comfortable

- Non-modular
- Tough competition

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