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First Look

The Windforce cooler dominates proceedings here as it has in the past. This cooler is held in high regard here at Vortez and has seen some subtle changes over the years, this year being no different. This time it is the fans which have small ridges and are a little darker smoked than previous. The main shroud remains metal with a satin black finish only this time around has more louvers than previous.

We are happy to report that a backplate is included in the heat shielding package which is great to see and it is also nice to see that GIGABYTE have included a Gaming G1 emblem to set it apart from other cards in the range.

The card is quite a lot longer than the standard PCB size with full dimensions listed as : L=312mm, W=129mm, H=43mm.

Here we see a break from the norm and a very welcome addition in the form of FLEX Display. While many gamers are moving toward 4k screens, multi-monitor setups are still proving popular and GIGABYTE are making this kind of setup easier with a single card by providing more ports than normally found on a GTX 970.

3x DisplayPorts along with HDMI, DVI-I and DVI-D give the user plenty of options to choose from whether you want dual, 3 or even a 4 screen setup.

We like it when manufacturers put a different spin on an existing idea. NVIDIA have their green illuminated glowing GEFORCE emblem on the reference design, high end cards and so GIGABYTE have followed suit adding their own Windforce design, this time in blue:

This will look stunning in any case with a Window and will leave no doubt as to which brand of graphics card you are running!

To power the card you will need both an 8pin and 6 pin PCIe power cables with a PSU capable of delivering 550W. We usually find that these ratings are over stated but as this card is overclocked and the need for the 8+6pin setup, it is unlikely you will be running anything lower than this power rating.

As with all high end NVIDIA cards, SLI is available in both dual and multiple card configurations thanks to twin SLI tabs.

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