GIGABYTE G1.Sniper A88X Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅05-02-14

Product on Review: G1.Sniper A88X
Manufacturer and Sponsor: GIGABYTE
Street Price: £75 inc. VAT

If you are looking for a gaming motherboard to go with your shiny new Kaveri APU, GIGABYTE will want to turn your attention to their G1.Sniper A88X, that's right, SNIPER. Sitting at a very competitive price as far as the A88X motherboards go, there are likely concessions made when compared to the big boy brothers on the Intel side. Regardless, we have the green and black aesthetic for the AMD team which allows for personal preference and selection. Most noticeably with the G1.Sniper A88X, GIGABYTE shed a lot of the extreme designs and opt for a more sensible solution, we find a 4+2 digital power phase delivery which is perfectly adequate for this low power platform, as opposed to the 16 phases that can be found on the G1.Sniper 5! Also, you will not find any skulls! Let's turn our eyes to the details then take a look at performance.

Overview by GIGABYTE
GIGABYTE G1-Killer series motherboards are packed with absolutely everything you'll need to build an uncompromising, high-performance gaming PC. Loaded with advanced audio technologies, maxed out multi-card gaming support, and advanced cooling and high quality heatsink design, GIGABYTE G1-Killer motherboards are the ultimate choice for serious PC gamers.

GIGABYTE FM2+ series motherboards based on AMD A88X chipset and feature the new FM2+ APU socket, and are designed to get the most from forthcoming Kaveri AMD APUs, while preserving compatibility for current AMD FM2 APUs. FM2+ AMD APUs offer DDR3-2400 AMP memory support, native support for 8 GT/s PCI Express gen 3.0 as well as DX11.1 support integrating the high performance ‘Steamroller’ core. AMD socket FM2+ APUs also offer native support for 4K resolution displays on HDMI port.

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