GIGABYTE GA-990X Gaming SLI Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-06-16

The BIOS screen here isn't the prettiest, but it is smooth and gives you all the tools you need to control your system. The overclocking settings are a bit jumbled and you have to go back and forth between various tabs just to find all the options you would expect, but considering that this motherboard isn't necessarily aimed at hardcore overclocking, the features are there to find a sensible performance boost. In regards to memory profiles, the 990X Gaming SLI supports XMP, but not AMP, which is a shame, though is understandable as AMP seems to be more targeting the memory needs of APUs that thrive on higher speeds. It is worth noting that this motherboard has a dual BIOS design, meaning it can be recovered should you brick it with some overzealous overclocking, or if you corrupt the primary BIOS during an update. Though it is worth noting that, there is no safe 'reboot' feature as we have observed in some ASUS motherboards which will guarantee a start up after a failed overclock attempt. That is a luxury not seen here, so if you do have a play, keep a 2pin jumper (or a screwdriver) to hand for the CLR-CMOS header, you will need it.

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