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Packaging & First Look

GIGABYTE have placed the D3 in the budget range and so it therefore carries with it the type of packaging found on all of their budget motherboards. The box is white and lists various features on all sides. The front has emphasis on the onboard mSATA functionality.

The GA-Z68AP-D3 packaging is very eye-catching

Within the box there are plenty of items within the bundle. The motherboard as you would expect is covered in an anti-static bag and the SATA cables are also sealed in plastic bags. Within the bundle you get the following items:

Documentation: User manual, Intel Smart Response Guide, Quick Start Guide
Cables: 2x SATA 2 (3Gbps) and 2x SATA 3 (6Gbps)
• I/O Shield
• Motherboard

Plenty of items within the bundle

Packaging aside it’s time to look at what we’re here for – the motherboard. Though many enthusiasts will have become accustomed to seeing GIGABYTE’s revised colour-scheme of black and gun-metal on their performance motherboards the lower end offerings still use the blue and white configuration. I’ll admit that the revised look does look better but this blue and white colour-scheme still looks good also. For a low-end motherboard the D3 does look capable. When you first remove the board from its anti-static bag you notice something straight away, the size is different. Though it does conform to ATX standards the D3 is smaller than the typical ATX motherboard. Motherboards like UD4, UD3P and many others are 30.5cm x 24.4cm but the D3 is 30.5cm x 21.5cm just under 3cm thinner.

An overview of GA-Z68AP-D3

With the packaging and first look out of the way lets move in for a closer look at the D3 over the page.

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