GIGABYTE GTX 1050 Ti OC Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-01-17

We’ve now comfortably established that NVIDIA’s GTX 1050 is a component designated for the 1080p space. The Ti variant consolidates this by supplying an even stronger candidate for this resolution.

While GIGABYTE’s GTX 1050 Ti arrives in many different options offering varying ports, overclocks and fan quantity, the GV-N105TOC-4GD we’ve been looking at today is certainly worth some consideration. Not only is this among the cheaper of the GTX 1050 Ti graphics cards but it performs admirably in a range of DX11 and DX12 environments and does so while emitting low-noise and low-temperatures too.

Those wanting to achieve the 60 fps sweetspot will be satisfied by the performance coming from this GTX 1050 Ti OC. On some occasions, we even experienced up to 70 fps with the high detail preset enabled which is certainly encouraging for a low-end offering.

GIGABYTE has applied a factory overclock to the GPU clock on our GTX 1050 Ti which realises a 5% increase which is somewhat measly. In general, factory overclocked cards are usually given a 10-15% boost by rival partners and often the memory clock is modified too. However, our own investigation allowed us to apply at least 100MHz to both the GPU and memory clocks – demonstrating the extra headroom above the factory overclock.

What makes this card so appealing is the footprint and power attributes. The physical size and dimensions mean that small form factor computer cases are able to entertain this GPU and system builders wanting to keep things condensed and compact can feature this capable 1080p champion to their build. The omission of a PCI-Express connection and reliance on the PCI-Express slot for power alters things dramatically too because a 300W PSU is then the only mandatory component; this again is likely to mean a small form factor PSU can be installed.

As we mentioned this GTX 1050 Ti OC is among the cheaper of the lineup available with the Ti moniker and a boost to the GPU clock, arriving at a cost of £145 GBP / $150 USD. Ideal for gamers who use 1080p and require something qualified to deliver high detail too. The benefit of a 3-year warranty contributes to the overall package too, adding even more value.

GIGABYTE’s GTX 1050 Ti OC delivers some superb performance for 1080p gamers and arrives with a price-tag that even budget conscious builders can afford.


+ Small footprint
+ Powered by PCI Express slot
+ Low power consumption
+ Manually overclocks very well
+ Quiet & effective cooling
+ Great 1080p performance
+ DirectX 12 ready
+ One of the more affordable 1050 Ti cards

- No backplate
- Design isn’t the most visually pleasing

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