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GIGABYTE has made a wise move by extending the XTREME GAMING support to other NVIDIA graphics cards in the range and the GTX 970 today, responds to this treatment very well indeed.

The WindForce cooling system has been the go-to solution over the years and today’s results are testament as to why WindForce has been so popular. Not only do we have super-low temperatures (even with a factory overclock) but the acoustics are especially quiet during sustained usage. Additional to this, GIGABYTE has equipped our graphics card with 3D-active fan technology – rendering the fans motionless under light load. So if you aren’t performing demanding tasks the graphics card will remain silent.

The introduction of LED lighting is something of a novelty. Whilst we appreciate not everyone favours flashy lighting inside their computer chassis, it really does enhance the overall look of the graphics card and there are up to 16.8 million colours available with different animations/themes. If you’d like to see how effective the LEDs are, check out our video review.

After receiving a healthy factory overclock, this GTX 970 responds well in the gaming arena. At 4K resolutions this graphics card did present some low framerates, so we recommend 1080p/1440p resolutions instead if you’re wanting to maintain higher framerates (4K is really reserved for the 980/980Ti). What surprised us the most about the GTX 970 XTREME GAMING was its ability to overclock even further than the factory overclock milestone. We managed to push the GPU and memory clock speeds to such a point that we can now verify this to be our best overclock for the GTX 970. This qualifies GIGABYTE’s ethos with XTREME GAMING – that these graphics cards are optimised for performance and are laden with premium components.

The GTX 970 XTREME GAMING is somewhat more expensive than other custom designs. It arrives at a cost of £300 GBP / $500 USD. Taking into account the perks that this card brings with its stylish aesthetics, LED lighting, low-noise/temperatures and overclocking prowess we are confident it brings plenty of value to the table.

GIGABYTE has given NVIDIA’s GTX 970 a significant makeover with the XTREME GAMING treatment. This graphics card excels in just about every area you could conceive and it confidently receives our seal of approval.


+ Stylish design
+ Customisable LED lighting
+ Low-noise
+ Low-temperatures
+ Great performance
+ Overclocks even further
+ DirectX 12 ready
+ 3 years warranty

- None!

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