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It seems like a long time coming but now that Intel’s mainstream/value motherboards are here for Coffee Lake, users who have no requirement to overclock, demand less features and want to save some money finally have some options to choose from.

With the H370N WIFI, GIGABYTE confirms to us how compact you can go with Intel’s 8th Generation. There is no doubt that system builders will be drawn to this motherboard for its ability to bring the benefits of Coffee Lake to a small form factor environment.

As far as styling goes, this motherboard is easy on the eye with a subtle but appealing design which should marry up with other hardware – though once you do attach a cooler and graphics card, there will be very little to see of the board! The layout and design of H370N WIFI is decent in some regards and not so in others. GIGABYTE has definitely crammed in plenty of features but there are only three fan headers (including the CPU fan), just four USB ports on the rear panel and the top-facing M.2 slot sees an installed drive sit over the top of the chipset heatsink, which isn’t ideal.

However, there are plenty of things to like about H370N WIFI. Though we do only get four USB ports, GIGABYTE has ditched USB 2.0. Network connectivity comes in the form of dual Gigabit LAN as well as Intel CNVi Wave 2 – 802.11ac. Plus there are also a generous selection of video outs for those using integrated graphics – twin HDMI and a single DisplayPort.

Performance is restricted to just stock CPU frequencies since we cannot overclock with the H370 chipset but we’re happy to report some solid results in the range of tests we ran. H370N WIFI had no problems keeping up with the rest of the motherboards we’ve tested and it managed to keep energy levels at their lowest compared to other offerings.

H370N WIFI can be purchased for £100 GBP - $129 USD - $229 AUD, which is around 10-20% cheaper than many of the Z370 Mini-ITX boards currently available. At this price it makes it a good purchase those on a tighter budget.

If SFF is the order of the day and overclocking isn’t a requirement then the GIGABYTE H370N WIFI is a great choice!

+ Pleasing to the eye
+ Packs in plenty of features
+ Twin M.2 on Mini-ITX
+ Audio solution is good
+ Good network features inc. 802.11ac
+ Dual-BIOS

- Only three fan headers
- Only four USB ports
- M.2 drive sits on top of H370 heatsink

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