GIGABYTE HD7790 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅21-03-13

Product on Review: GIGABYTE HD7790
Manufacturer and Sponsor: GIGABYTE
Street Price: 98

The AMD Radeon HD 7790, codenamed 'Bonaire', is the latest entry level graphics card to exit the AMD laboratories. We tested the HD7750 and 7770 some time ago now but with NVIDIA's GTX650Ti stealing the limelight recently, AMD have upped the ante by releasing this GPU with an entirely new 28nm Graphics Core Next ASIC and in doing so hope to reclaim the entry level crown. We get a first glance of the card today before committing ourselves to our usual full in-depth review.

Entry level gaming now demands a card capable of performing at today's most popular resolution of 1920x1080p (according to Steam). The HD7750 and HD7770 just about managed this but was found wanting in some areas, typically struggling to reach a minimum playable frame rate at this high resolution, especially when filtering was required. The HD7790 hopes to rectify this with an increase in computational power and memory clockspeeds without sacrificing the appeal of a low power draw.

The AMD HD7790 is not however a replacement of the HD7770, it is a totally new design aimed squarely at the NVIDIA GTX650Ti. AMD are confident there efforts will see there HD7790 design beat the GTX650Ti into submission. We just so happen to have the GTX650Ti and the GTX660 along with the HD7790's brethren so it will be interesting to see where the new GPU gains a foothold. Before we take a look at the card itself, let's examine the specifications a little more closely...

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