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Having already seen the RTX 3060 Ti, it was only a matter of time before the RTX 3060 arrived to take the position up of managing 1080p.

Regarded as the current entry point for ray tracing, the RTX 3060 may be the least powerful of its siblings but it still packs a punch. The second iteration of DLSS under Ampere is more than significant for the RTX 3060 as this GPU will undoubtedly struggle to performance adequately without it (especially if the maximum detail preset is desired).

The RTX 3060 operates proficiently at 1080p with maximum detail preset, in even the most demanding of titles and even offers promise at 1440p. If 1440p is your native resolution, we do however suggest opting for the Ti for some additional horsepower.

Under the guise of GIGABYTE’s well-established GAMING OC the RTX 3060 is well looked after. The temperatures will barely exceed 60C under load for extended periods of gaming and the noise levels hit 44 dBA on our open test bench. With dedicated airflow and side panels on a computer chassis, both figures will be less. So, this cooler is superb and achieves exactly what it sets out to.

Pricing fluctuations are commonplace in today’s market with such shortage of graphics cards at suppliers and we hope the RTX 3060 doesn’t suffer the same fate as its counterparts. Pricing for the GAMING OC should be in the region of: $£550 GBP | $550 USD | $880 AUD.

The GIGABYTE RTX 3060 GAMING OC offers an excellent balance of gaming performance, cooling performance and low-noise. If you’re a 1080p gamer that fancies indulging in Ray Tracing – we recommend taking a look at this card.

+ Neutral design
+ Excellent cooler
+ Low-noise
+ Features two HDMI 2.1 ports
+ Good performance for 1080p
+ Double slot footprint

- Quite long
- No dual-BIOS switch

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