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The GIGABYTE X570 AORUS PRO has proven itself to be perfectly capable of handling our AMD Ryzen 7 3800X, though all of the tested X570 boards have shown very similar results which is perhaps testament to AMDs engineering on designing an excellent chipset that’s easy to implement. Regardless, there’s zero complaints or concerns regarding the AORUS PRO’s performance credentials.

Focussing briefly on the aesthetics of the AORUS PRO, we love the styling that GIGABYTE are employing at the moment; the dark motherboard and heatsinks contrasting against the polished steel armour around the DRAM and PCI-E slots look fantastic. Obviously, the appearance is entirely subjective and your own tastes may differ but we feel it lends itself perfectly to both a “standard” build with a set of black DRAM modules and a dark GPU, or conversely, a full array of RGB-equipped components.

A duo of M.2 NVMe slots, three PCI-E x16 and a pair of x1 slots round out the onboard connectivity nicely for a board in this price range, allowing you a good balanced choice on which add-in cards you can use and where you can place them for optimal airflow to things like graphics cards or high-performance network cards.

GIGABYTE also offer this board, for around £15/$15/$25 more with built in WiFi 6. For the little bit extra, we reckon it’d be well worth investing for the option of having WiFi, even if just as a method of sharing your phone’s Personal Hotspot function in the event your internet breaks down or if you move the system and can’t wire it in straight away. The rest of the motherboard remains identical.

Swinging round to the rear IO, finding 10 USB ports is very much welcomed, with more and more devices asking for a connection to your PC these days. However, the inclusion of USB 1.1/2.0 ports is beyond the pale for a £260 motherboard in 2019; USB 2.0 is almost 20 years old now. We also saw this on the AORUS MASTER, an even-more-spendy option.

The GIGAYBTE X570 AORUS PRO sits at a very busy price point at this moment in time, with all of the major manufacturers presenting something, but the AORUS does just enough to stand out from the crowd.

+ Great aesthetics
+ Good number of USB ports
+ Extensive VRM cooling around the CPU
+ Removeable M.2 heatsinks

- Still using USB 2.0 on the rear IO
- FCH fan never stops spinning

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