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Packaging & Accessories

Box Front

The front of the box has a very fresh clean design. GIGABYTE appear very keen to push their new '3D' features - 3D Power and 3D Power. Beneath this title set are a few more features the UD5 comprises.

Box Rear

The rear of the box goes into huge amounts of detail, once again the 3D features being the stars of the show. Ultra Durable 3 makes another showing with the same features seen on previous incarnations. Other features on display are the HW buttons, 4 Channel (8slots) DDR3 and 3way SLI/Crossfire support.

The exterior package is very attractive and certainly makes a refreshing change from the dark, menacing packages we so often see.

Motherboard Manuals

After removing the outer sleeve and opening the stiff, white cardboard box we are greeted with a further two boxes inside; one containing the mainboard and the other a compartmentalised tray holding the accessories in place. GIGABYTE have left no stone unturned and have provided a multilingual installation guide, a well written motherboard manual along with a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth setup guide. Also included were a motherboard utility/driver CD and additional Wi-Fi driver CD.

Main Accessories

Here we see the usual plethora of accessories including: 4x SATA cables, I/O shield, 2+3 way SLI bridge, 2 way Crossfire bridge and a 3.5" USB 3.0/2.0 front panel. The obligatory GIGABYTE and Dolby case stickers are also included.

Wi-Fi Card

GIGABYTE are never ones to skimp on accessories and I'm happy to report this product is no different. Most striking of all was the inclusion of a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth riser card complete with dual antennas. Sadly the card itself does not match the black mainboard, instead being the more traditional GIGABYTE blue PCB.

SLI/Crossfire Bridges

It was nice to see GIGABYTE making the effort to colour code their SLI/Crossfire bridges to black rather than the blue (see Wi-Fi card above).

Overall the package is well presented, well packed and well stocked. There is little more I would wish to see from a packaging point of view save for perhaps a flip up lid but that is being picky of for what is for all intents and purpose and excellent product package.

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