GIGABYTE Z390 Designare Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅23-01-19

Should you buy Z390 Designare? Well, that depends entirely on your scenario and intended use.

The features which make Designare stand out from other Intel Z390 motherboards will almost certainly single this product out as being engineered for a specific group of users – designers, professionals, and creators. The average user won’t have any need for Thunderbolt 3 or CPU attached SSDs but for those who are in this field of expertise, having such tools at the fingertips will be invaluable.

As we pointed out in this review, GIGABYTE are fairly limited by the Intel Z390 chipset in terms of bringing exclusive features for a set target group, but they’ve included a handful of attributes which will certainly streamline workflow for enthusiasts in the professional field.

In all of our benchmarks the Designare delivered solid performance, remaining neck and neck with rival models donning the Z390 chipset. Furthermore, we managed to apply a 5GHz overclock to our Intel i9-9900K without much effort thanks to the digital VRM design and easy to use UEFI BIOS. VRM temperatures stayed within acceptable figures throughout this overclock, peaking at 70C after an hour stress test was performed.

Bring priced at £320 GBP - $320 USD pushes this board into the upper realms of this platform. Deciding on whether to buy this motherboard will boil down to those exclusive features. Do you need them? If you do, it’s a great buy. However, if you don’t need such specialised tools then there are plenty of suitable models in the mid-tier segment offering the same performance and similar features.

Donning Thunderbolt 3 and CPU attached storage, Z390 Desginare will appeal to power users who are keen to improve their workflow.

+ Easy on the eye
+ RGB features for those that want it
+ Solid performance
+ Good for overclocking
+ Uses strengthened PCI Express & memory slots
+ Users can benefit from CPU attached SSD add-in cards
+ Thunderbolt 3 via two USB-C ports
+ Plenty of functionality on Rear IO panel
+ VRM thermals are kept under control

- Specialist features aren’t for everyone – bumps price up

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