GIGABYTE Z68-UD4 Preview

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅09-05-11
Introduction & Video

With only a few days to go here is a quick preview of one of the Z68 motherboards we are working on at Vortez. GIGABYTE redesigned their motherboards this year with the introduction of Sandy Bridge and now endorse a stealthy black paintjob on all major ports, sockets and lanes with subtle undertones of matt grey on the heatsink.

Big features for the Z68-UD4 are dual BIOS, SSD caching and touch BIOS. SSD caching will be a fundamental selling point for Z68 with it bringing in better performance and efficiency for those opting for SSD storage. This SSD caching uses Intel Smart Response Technology and stores frequently used applications to improve overall system performance. GIGABYTE have even described this as like having "a massive L4 CPU cache". In the full review we will be investigating this new feature!

An overview of GIGABYTE Z68 UD4

Continue over the page for a closer look at the Z68-UD4. Revealing the phase power, PCI-E and other elements!

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