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Usually when picking up a motherboard at the lower-end means sacrificing on both features and also the styling, but not so with the D3HP. It retains that high-end feel, with its alluring aesthetics. GIGABYTE now have some of the best looking motherboards on the market and we are pleased that even the models which are cheaper by comparison are still being given this treatment too.

D3HP managed to maintain good overall performance in all our benchmark tests. Applying an overclock couldn’t be easier due to the now renovated BIOS. GIGABYTE have given their BIOS a facelift – the navigation is fast and we really like the layout, it makes things much easier to set up. We managed to squeeze a 4.6GHz overclock out of our Intel Core i7 4770K with just 1.34v vcore, showing that it is capable of the performance tuning you might expect from board costing much more.

We really like the fact there is lots of space at the top of the motherboard. The absence of a heatsink at the top makes way for better water cooling radiator support if the consumer decides to house one in the top of the computer case.

Just like the other motherboards in GIGABYTE’s portfolio which feature the Z87 chipset, Ultra Durable 5 Plus comes as standard. This translates to better build quality and stability compared to rival brands.

Priced at just £110 the Z87-D3HP is amazing value for money. A motherboard of its calibre with P67, Z68 or Z77 chipset would have cost much more. D3HP is ideal for those who are on a tight budget but still want plenty of features and good quality.

GIGABYTE’s Z87-D3HP is excellent value for money. A board of its calibre should really cost more, it retains the visual appearance, build quality and features of a higher-end model but is priced at only £110. Those who are wanting a slice of Haswell and Z87 and who are on a budget should look no further.

+ Looks very stylish- will combine with other hardware well
+ Performs well at stock settings
+ Easy to overclock
+ Nice layout – lots of space at top of board
+ Ultra Durable 5 Plus components/features
+ 3 years warranty
+ Very affordable

- Thin motherboard – right side mounting holes absent
- No SLI/AMD Crossfire Bridge included

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