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Packaging, Bundle & First Look

Z87-D3HP arrives in a large, attractive motherboard box which has been designed to catch the eye. The blue which GIGABYTE has been used signifies that this particular model is featured in the lower-end of the GBT product line. Nevertheless, the D3HP still retains the Ultra Durable 5 Plus features which the higher end boards also specialise in, which is great to see. As is typical of this type of packaging the rear contains more feature-set coverage and specifications for users to take in.

Inside, all of the items are well packaged and the motherboard itself is protected inside an anti-static bag.

The packaging for D3HP

Along with the motherboard, there are just a few items included, these are:

4x SATA3 6GB/s Cables
Rear IO shield
Case Badge
Documentation: user manual
Driver CD/Utilities

With this board being at the lower-end there are significantly less items included within the bundle compared to the higher end models.

The bundle includes various items

For a motherboard that costs so little the D3HP oozes style. It looks considerably more expensive than it actually is.

The D3HP features a matt black PCB, black and grey ports/slots and grey/blue heatsinks. Due to the colour-scheme used this will combine especially well with a variety of different coloured hardware. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that this board is still thinner than standard ATX (30.5cm x 22.4cm) and the SATA ports are facing upwards as opposed to the usual implementation of facing away from the PCI-E slots.

Sleek and pleasing to the eye aesthetics

On the next page we will take a closer look at the various aspects of this board.

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