HIS AMD Radeon HD 6950 2GB Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅14-12-10
3DMark 11 & Vantage
3DMark Vantage

This Vantage benchmark suite from Futuremark introduces DX 10 & PhysX support. Despite being on the verge of DX 11 games arriving, Vantage still proves a popular testing ground for enthusiasts.

Although Vantage has now been superceded by 3DMark 11, it is well established amongst enthusiasts because it is still very GPU limited. The HD6950 fares well against the smaller HD6870 leading by around 12% in performance mode and 23% in extreme mode. Against the HD5870, the card it aims to replace, the difference is very marginal at both stock and overclocked speeds.

The test puts the AMD offering 5% behind the more expensive GTX480 but the greater relative overclock achieved on the Nvidia card means that it pulls ahead when looking at overclocked results.

3DMark 11

Finally here is the latest Futuremark benchmark suite, bringing DX11 and tessellation to benchmarkers. Will it bring your computers to their knees?

Under the performance preset, the HD6950 outperforms the HD5870 by 10% and similarly falls behind the GTX480 by the same percentage. The Extreme preset shows the same trend despite the performance margin lowering to around 3% in both cases.

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