HyperX Alloy Elite Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅06-09-17
Closer Look
The keyboard, minus the wrist rest, is quite a bland affair, with the only redeeming feature being the strip across the top, housing the trio of buttons in the top-left along with your cluster of media controls on the opposite end. However, with the LEDs and lighting strip turned on, along with the silver gaming keys, it’s an entirely different kettle of fish (more on that later).

The keyboard, from the right and left hand sides, is incredibly sleek; being low down can help improve comfort as well as typing ability, as well as increasing the design appeal. You will notice the keys are exposed, which is conventional on a mechanical keyboard; this makes general cleaning duties much easier. The wrist rest is reasonably high, compared to the front edge of the keyboard.

As previously mentioned, the Alloy Elite comes with the textured and coloured gaming keys, to replace the typical WASD arrangement, as well as 1 through 4. The checker-plating on the WASD keys gives the entire keyboard a more “gamer-orientated” feel while providing a practical reason.

The underside is pretty basic, with 4 large rubber pads to prevent the keyboard from moving around. The feet come fitted with rubber shoes also. As is visible at the bottom of the photo, the included wrist rest clips into the front of the keyboard to prevent it from moving around.

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