HyperX Alloy Elite Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅06-09-17
Kingston’s gaming orientated brand, HyperX, are developing products with pace, with a rate of progression that must be commended. Their headsets receive huge praise, as do their mice, and now their latest keyboard seems to round out that trio perfectly.

The choice of Cherry MX keys, in blue, brown or red flavours bodes well for the majority of users, though the lack of RGB backlighting will be a big turn-off for some, especially when there are plenty of keyboards offering Cherry MX mechanical switches and RGB lighting around the same price point.

If you’re invested in your media, the playback controls in the top-right will provide everything you need, with a beautiful volume adjustment tool to boot. They’re placed well away from other keys to help avoid any confusion, too.

The lack of any required software is great, keeping things very simple and barebones. You still get full customisation abilities, without the problems that poorly designed software can bring with it; this does appear to be the HyperX philosophy.

The HyperX Alloy Elite offers all of the necessary tools to enable a great gaming experience.

+ Good build quality and strength
+ Choice of Cherry MX Mechanical keys
+ Volume roller is a joy to use
+ Excellent red backlighting
+ Optional WASD keys
+ Requires no software

- Lacks RGB lighting
- Wrist rest doesn’t lie flat
- No Macro keys

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