HyperX Alloy FPS Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24-10-16
Packaging & First Look

The packaging looks very similar in design to the Cloud Stinger we reviewed recently, with gunmetal grey, black and red colours. Though arguably a little more toned down, with only the required information such as branding, what the product is, regional layout and what switches it uses.

The sides show some more detailed information about the specification, and the rear displays various key points including the USB charging port, the detachable cable, the included textured keycaps, and the carry pouch. Other information is about the benefits of a compact design and its robust construction.

The travel pouch is soft, padded and high quality with the HyperX logo across it. It features an addition pouch on the underside for cables and accessories.

There are additional red gaming keyboards of 1 2 3 4, and textured WASD keycaps and a keycap remover. The detachable cable is 1.8m long and is braided in a black and red design. It features a single miniUSB and two regular USB ports to plug into your system (one for the keyboard, the other for a power boost for the charging port).

The Alloy FPS is small, compact elegant with a smooth satin black finish. The mechanical switches are exposed which makes for easy cleaning.

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