HyperX Alloy FPS Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24-10-16
In our time spent with the Alloy FPS, we found that this design ethic is something that we wholly appreciate, and one that many other gamers will too. The compact, non-imposing design with assured performance is something that we can easily get behind. Sure there are no fancy lighting effects, but this product is about raw performance, not spending eons messing around with driver software.

Though, this product also has some stiff competition from another equally impressive keyboard: the ROCCAT SUORA. The SUORA has a similar design principle but it's cheaper, has macros, and does have driver support (though no needed). Though arguably, the Alloy FPS does many things that the SUORA doesn't. It has an additional USB port for charging, it has 100% NKRO, it has per-key customisable back lighting, and for those who care, it uses Cherry MX switches. Though, it is also fair to say, each cater for different needs, so you now have a choice, red or blue (or Blue and Brown switches). The Alloy FPS is a beautiful addition to the compact, minimalistic gaming keyboard group.

The Alloy FPS is a beautiful addition to the compact mechanical gaming keyboard market, it provides solid, reliable performance that is just as ready to travel as it is to game.

+ Beautiful design
+ Compact and portable (detachable cable, carry pouch)
+ Solid construction
+ USB Charging port
+ Full NKRO
+ Customisable lighting

- No macros
- Price

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