HyperX Alloy FPS RGB Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅13-11-18

There is a lot to like about the HyperX Alloy FPS RGB as itís an offering with very few faults. The only real concerns we had with the keyboard are to do with comfort and that itís not very strong on that front. As is, the keyboard is highly usable for gaming and typing though we felt that it wasnít the most comfortable for either over long sessions. We already covered that we thought it should have been bundled with one given the £100 ($110 US / $189 AUS) price point, though we do get why one was not included though as then the Alloy FPS RGB would more directly compete with their own Alloy Elite keyboard which isnít good for business. Luckily HyperX does offer a separate rest, however, it will set you back £20 on top of what it already costs. One other slight negative is the switch choices, at present, there are only the Kailh Silver Speeds to choose which are very good, though they might not be to everyoneís tastes.

While on the switches weíll talk about the good points and the Kalih are very good, although they arenít quite as polished as the Cherry alternatives, they offer great levels of performance for both fast-paced and slower gaming titles. Other strong attributes include the subdued styling which is great as the Alloy FPS RGB is so easy to blend into an existing setup. The build quality is also superb thanks to the solid chassis and impressive fit-and-finish. The RGB illumination is also excellent as itís so vibrant and vivid, the effects are nicely done too which makes this great for lovers of RGB. It also has some other little additions to add to appeal, these features include a charging port for mobile devices and a detachable cable, these might not sound like much, but they help solidify its appeal.

As a whole the HyperX has got a lot of things right with the Alloy FPS RGB and very little wrong, the price point of £100 in the UK, $110 in the US is easily justifiable thanks to the whole experience, though it is a tougher sell if you live in Australia as it costs $180 AUD and there are likely alternatives with even stronger attributes.

The Alloy FPS RGB from HyperX is a stellar offering that brings vibrant illumination, a strong gaming performance and so much more to the table.

+ Compact for a full-size keyboard
+ Impressive switches
+ Very well made
+ Subdued styling
+ Detachable cable
+ USB charging port
+ 100% Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover
+ Great RGB illumination

+- Not the most comfortable for typing or gaming
+- A wrist rest would have been nice

- Switch choice is limited

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