HyperX Cloud Revolver Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅31-03-16
Performance Testing

Setup, Design & Observations
The Cloud Revolver will plug into your analogue audio out, either via a mobile device or game controller using the 4 pole jack or using the included splitter for use with your PC system. It comes in weighing 376g, which is around average but by no means lightweight in regards to gaming headsets.

On wearing the Cloud Revolver, the soft memory foam earpads worked wonders, and the earcup is cavernous, creating good isolation from external noises. The clamp strength of metal band is light but is noticeable due to an uneven pressure caused by a limitation in the swivel of the earcup, the top side of the earcup could do a bit more travel to sit a little more evenly as it seems too \_/ shaped. Despite this, the headset was cool and comfortable for long periods.

The inline remote functions as one would expect with a volume dial, and a large thumb switch for muting the microphone. the braided cable feels high quality.

Listening to various music tracks I am familiar with, the Cloud Revolver gave stunning precision, with crisp highs, solid mids and a tight bass in perfect balance. The most staggering realisation of the Cloud Revolver, is in its wide soundstage, seperation and accuracy, punching well above its price tag and into the realms of studio monitors. Cranking up the Revolver to its highest volume, it certainly gets pretty loud, and still sounds flawless.

The wide soundstage and precise audio detail plants you firmly inside the game, footsteps and ambient effects feel like they are around you, yet even in the thick of action you can hear each subtle detail. (I hear there is a virtual surround version to come... can't wait) Even in DOTA2, the rain weather effect sounded so good, like I was standing in the rain.

The detachable microphone is flexible and is long enough to reach just in front of your mouth. It could have a bit of a better pickup range as I found it needed to be placed just below my mouth and angled up for optimal volume (otherwise sounded a little quiet). It naturally does a fantastic job at reducing background noises, barely picking up typing, clicking noises. In conversation (Disord and Skype), voice quality was said to sound deep, warm and detailed.

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