HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-10-16
Performance Testing
Setup, Design & Observations
As this is an analogue headset, there is no lighting, onboard processing (DSP), or any software to download. This makes for a quick installation to whichever device you want to use it with. Being just 30ohm impedance will ensure that it can be driven by mobile devices well without sounding quiet.

The construction is mostly good quality plastics that genuinely looks attractive with its matte textured finish. When you put on your head, the soft memory foam padding ensures comfort and the headphone grip strength is perfect. It is easy to adjust the size if you have a larger head, I found that they were fine at its smallest size, but releasing a single notch on the adjustable strap relieves the grip strength a touch, improving comfort.

The volume slider is easy to access and use, slide back to increase volume, slide forward to reduce volume. The cable is a supple, non-tangle kind which is hard-lined to the headset, it is long enough for mobile use, though if you need longer, the included extension/splitter will be ideal for use with a PC system.

As we are using a competent discrete soundcard we are likely going to get the best experience the Cloud Stinger can provide so your mileage may vary regarding the platform or source in regards to overall quality. We disable any audio enhancement for a neutral playback.

After listening through various familiar music tracks we found that the Cloud stinger has a provides a strong, but not overpowering bass, with precise middle and treble tones. From Rock, Folk and traditional music formats there is an ideal balance that presents a powerful and enjoyable listening experience. The frequency range is impressive, not sludging a single beat, yet presenting clear, enunciated high tones in bass heavy electronic music. The maximum volume is extremely loud, I couldn't endure more than 40% on my setup, though sacrificing my hearing I discovered that the audio quality remains without distortion.

Gaming presented a similar affair of top quality sounding audio, with the background sounds and conversations in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided giving a fantastic atmosphere. The soundstage is relatively wide compared to many at this pricepoint, which is a bonus if you have a sound card that can provide you with virtual surround (or you can use Razer's software for that).

The microphone is clear, warm and reasonably loud. Though it sounds somewhat echoy (like you are sat in the toilet) without much noise cancelling. So beware of your environment for the sake of your friends. This simply means controlling the sensitivity (for me 80% was perfect, but will be different for others depending on their audio processing).

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